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Jets vs Dolphins Second Half Thread


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The first half of the New York Jets game against the Miami Dolphins is in the books, and the Jets are tied with the Miami Dolphins 7 - 7. The Jets began the game on defense and promptly gave up a long touchdown drive to the Dolphins. They provided only token resistance along the way, looking very much like the nonexistent defense the Jets have fielded all year. From there, however, the Jets had the better of the action. A rare Jets interception resulted in a Jets touchdown and a tie at 7 - 7. The rest of the first half saw the Jets shut down the Dolphins offense and move the ball reasonably well when the Jets were on offense. However, the Jets were unable to put any more points on the board New York Jets Salute to Service Hoodie. They turned the ball over after having a first and goal to squelch a golden opportunity on offense. Then late in the half a long field goal try was doinked by Matt Ammendola. The Dolphins closed the half with a doink of their own on a short field goal attempt. The Jets go into the second half not trailing at the half for the first time this season. Enjoy the second half everyone

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